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At HQ Consultancy, we understand the common scenario: an organisation invests in a Strategic Plan full of inspiring words, only for it to end up collecting dust among countless other documents.


We believe a Strategic Plan should be the backbone of business operations, driving action rather than sitting idle as mere words on a page.

That's why we specialise in crafting actionable plans in collaboration with your teams. Our engaging, fun and interactive workshops empower your team to creatively address challenges and take ownership of key deliverables within their department.  The workshop will focus on bringing your strategy to life and encourage your team to identify ways to meet your strategic objectives.

But our support doesn't stop there – we provide ongoing guidance for executives and key team members to ensure goals are achieved and challenges are overcome.  We also provide implementation support that will help develop frameworks and templates to assist your Organisation to achieve its vision. 

From an operational standpoint, the Action Plan is just as crucial, if not more so, than the strategy itself, yet it often goes overlooked. By enlisting the help of an external consultant like us, we remove barriers for your staff to be creative and honest, fostering a sense of value and ownership within the operational team - and we know that team members who feel valued and have shared ownership, contribute to greater organisational success! 


Our services also extend to project or department-specific strategies, such as marketing initiatives.


Ask us about our Action Plan Package which includes:

  • Consultation with Principal Consultant

  • Review and Research of your Organisation’s current Strategic positioning and funding agreement deliverables.

  • A FUN engaging action planning workshop with your operational team

  • A 1 year action plan that aligns with your strategic plan and funding deliverables

  • Implementation support to help bring your strategy to life


Additionally, we understand in the NFP sector staff burnout is always a risk, especially with resourcing rarely matching the operational demands.  We can work with your team members to help them achieve their goals, help with time management and workload prioritisation.  HQ Consultancy recognises this can often be a sensitive matter and can deliver this in a non-confrontational and relatable way. 

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