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With a focus on action and implementation, our tailored services are designed to drive real results and bring your organisation's vision to life. 
Let us be your partner in transforming aspirations into tangible outcomes.

Your Not-For-Profit
Implementation and
Action Specialists

HQ Consultancy specialise in developing action and implementation plans to help bring your organisation's vision to life. Through a holistic, outcomes-focused approach we will work with your Organisation to customise a delivery plan to suit your unique needs. 

Generally, this service includes:

  • Consultation with Senior Executive to understand current challenges

  • Strategic Alignment Review

  • Planning Workshop facilitation (in a fun way)

  • Action plan development

  • On-going implementation support

  • Executive and staff coaching to help prioritise their goals 

Our Holistic Approach

Our focus is on a holistic-based approach and our support extends far beyond the development of your action plan. We want to help you embed your strategic objectives throughout your Organisation and see your vision become a reality. 

Executive and Board Support

At HQ Consultancy, we understand the critical role that executives and boards play in steering organisations towards success. Our executive and board support services are tailored to provide personalised guidance and assistance. We work closely with senior leadership to align strategic objectives and empower them to effectively embed these goals throughout the company.

Whether it's facilitating strategic discussions, providing mentorship to executives, or offering guidance to board members, we are committed to helping your leadership team navigate challenges and make informed decisions that drive organisational growth and impact.

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