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HQ Consultancy are the action-specialists with expertise in achieving the goals and objectives of Not-For-Profit Organisations across the Territory.

We understand that success in the NFP sector demands comprehensive services and our commitment is to walking alongside you and your team to overcome challenges and make impactful and realistic implementation and action plans. 

Who are we? 

We are your dedicated partner in empowering Not-For-Profit Organisations to achieve their objectives. While our focus may seem broad, we understand that success in the NFP sector necessitates comprehensive support - and this is what we provide!

Our specialty lies in breathing life into strategies and collaborating closely with your team to craft customised, outcome-driven action and implementation plans. Think of us as your trusted "action specialists," committed to turning your visions into reality.


What sets us apart is our team's firsthand experience in the NFP field. Our consultants have a unique understanding and grasp of the challenges of navigating mounting demands and limited resources.


Helping NFPs achieve their goals through comprehensive support, innovative strategies and firsthand experience.

That's why our consulting approach is unique – we don't just offer training or leave you with recommendations. Instead, we walk alongside you, partnering with your team to overcome obstacles and devise impactful, realistic plans for action.

HQ Consultancy is led by Managing Director Hannah Quilford, who has over 12 years of executive leadership experience in the NFP sector. With a track record of successfully steering major organisational restructures, Hannah understands the importance of fostering team cultures grounded in trust, innovation, and collaboration. Driven by a passion for fun, Hannah believes in infusing workplaces with energy to keep teams motivated and aligned. With her, workshops are never dull – she believes that a dose of enjoyment fosters productivity and cultivates excellent organisational cultures

Our Core Values



We believe in the power of teamwork and a collaborative approach. We work closely with our clients to achieve their goals whilst supporting their leaders and teams.



We are dedicated to creating meaningful and measurable impact for our clients, prioritising outcomes that align with their mission and goals.



We uphold the highest ethical standards in all of our interactions, fostering trust and transparency with our clients and stakeholders.



We are committed to empowering Not-For-Profit Organisations by providing them with tools, knowledge and support to thrive and make a positive impact in their communities.



We embrace creativity and forward-thinking approaches, continuously seeking new and effective strategies to drive success for our clients.



We value a positive and enjoyable work environment, where enthusiasm, humour and positivity are valued and contribute to collective success.

Why Choose HQ Consultancy?

HQ Consultancy works by getting to know your Organisation and delivering tailor-made services specifically designed to target your Organisational challenges. 

Our consultants offer an adaptive approach to consulting and can even work within your business for short-term project management or even to bring teams together and engage and enthuse them to get that momentum started on new initiatives. 

All our consultants have expertise in the NFP Sector and have a multitude of skills which means we are confident in our ability to provide wrap-around support services across all areas of your organisation. 

Jane Doe, Autism NT


Contact Us

Supporting Darwin, Palmerston and Northern Territory Not for Profits

0417 370 488

Thank you for contacting HQ Consultancy, our team will be in touch shortly!

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